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ELF VPR Cigar 3000 (Pack of 3) : Full Review

ELF VPR Cigar 3000 (Pack of 3) : Full Review

Posted by DisposableVapez on Jan 30th 2024

Indulge in the epitome of vaping luxury with the ELF VPR Cigar 3000, a pack of three disposable delights designed for aficionados who appreciate sophistication and convenience. Let's dive into the exquisite features and flavors that make the ELF VPR Cigar 3000 a standout choice.

Features that Redefine Luxury Vaping:

1. Long-lasting Battery (850mAh):

  • Immerse yourself in uninterrupted relaxation. The potent 850mAh battery ensures a lasting vaping experience, catering to your moments of bliss.

2. Authentic Tobacco Flavor:

  • Delight in the smooth and authentic taste of premium tobacco leaves. The ELF VPR Cigar 3000 captures the essence of a fine cigar for a truly sophisticated vaping experience.

3. High Nicotine Hit (50mg/5% Salt Nic Vape Juice):

  • Experience powerful satisfaction with a robust 50mg/5% Salt Nic Vape Juice concentration. Each puff delivers a satisfying nicotine hit, perfect for those who crave intensity.

4. Large E-liquid Capacity (6ml):

  • Keep the flavor flowing with a generous 6ml e-liquid capacity. Minimize the need for frequent refills and enjoy a continuous indulgence in rich, full-bodied flavors.

5. Convenient Recharging (Type C-USB Technology):

  • Refuel quickly and hassle-free with Type C-USB rechargeable technology. Enjoy the convenience of modern charging, ensuring you spend more time savoring and less time waiting.

6. Realistic LED Tip:

  • The realistic LED tip not only adds a stylish visual cue but also serves as a usage indicator, enhancing the overall experience of sophistication.

7. Pack of 3:

  • Stock up and revel in uninterrupted bliss with a pack of three ELF VPR Cigar 3000 disposables. Perfect for extended enjoyment and convenience.

8. Explore a World of Flavor:

  • Choose from a selection of delightful flavors, including Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Coffee, or Vanilla Tobacco. Each flavor is crafted to perfection, offering a diverse range to suit your preferences.

FAQs: ELF VPR Cigar 3000

Q1: How many puffs can I expect? A1: You can indulge in approximately 3000 puffs, providing an extended vaping enjoyment that lasts.

Q2: What's the battery life? A2: With its 850mAh capacity, enjoy long-lasting usage tailored to your vaping habits.

Q3: What's the nicotine strength? A3: Enjoy a satisfying nicotine hit with 50mg/5% Salt Nic Vape Juice, delivering the perfect balance of intensity.

Q4: How do I recharge it? A4: Utilize Type C-USB rechargeable technology for fast and convenient refueling.

Q5: Can I refill it with my own e-liquid? A5: No, the ELF VPR Cigar 3000 comes pre-filled for single-use convenience, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

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Experience the pinnacle of luxury vaping with ELF VPR Cigar 3000. Elevate your senses, savor the rich flavors, and enjoy the convenience of a disposable cigar that exudes sophistication. Order your pack of three ELF VPR Cigar 3000 today and embark on a vaping journey like no other.

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