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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

TaijiZen Judo 24000 by iJoy: New Flavors

TaijiZen Judo 24000 by iJoy: New Flavors

Posted by DisposableVapez on May 24th 2024

DisposableVapez Unleashes a Flavor Frenzy with New TaijiZen Judo 24000 Disposables!

Vaping enthusiasts, rejoice! DisposableVapez is thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new lineup of flavors for the ever-popular TaijiZen Judo 24000 disposable vape by iJoy. But before we dive into this delectable selection, let's revisit what makes the Judo 24000 such a champion:

  • Future-Forward Tech: Experience the future of vaping with a vibrant 2.7-inch touch screen featuring captivating animations and a user-friendly interface. Personalize your vape with just a touch!
  • Lightning-Fast Ignition: No more waiting! The Judo boasts a staggering 0.0001s ignition speed, ensuring instant gratification with every puff.
  • Dial In Your Perfect Vape: Find your sweet spot with adjustable wattage ranging from 15W to 25W. Whether you prefer smooth or intense, the Judo has you covered.
  • Two Modes, Endless Options: Choose between the dynamic 25W boost mode for intense flavor and clouds, or the 15W normal mode for a consistent experience. With a massive puff count (12,000 in boost mode, 24,000 in normal mode), the Judo keeps up with your busy lifestyle.
  • Flavor Explosion: The 0.5 ohm dual mesh coil unlocks a world of rich taste and satisfying vapor production. Experience vaping like never before!
  • Powerhouse Battery: Don't let a dead battery slow you down. The Judo's 850mAh battery delivers extended vaping sessions, ensuring you're always ready to go.
  • Personalize Your Experience: Take complete control with adjustable power and airflow settings. Fine-tune your device to match your preferences for a truly customized vape.
  • Long-Lasting Satisfaction: The generous 25ml e-liquid capacity means fewer refills and more uninterrupted vaping enjoyment.
  • Smooth and Potent: The Judo 24000 supports 5% nicotine salt e-liquids, providing a satisfying and flavorful hit.

Now, onto the main event: the all-new flavor lineup! DisposableVapez is bringing you a kaleidoscope of delicious options, all wrapped up in the Judo's impressive features:

  • Novelty Edition:
    • Blue Razz Ice: Pucker up for a blast of blue raspberry with a refreshing icy finish.
    • Blueberry Mint: A delightful blend of sweet blueberries and cool mint for a truly invigorating vape.
    • Blueberry Watermelon: A juicy combination of blueberries and watermelon for a taste of summer.
    • Cherry Dragon Fruit: A unique and exotic mix of sweet cherries and tangy dragon fruit.
    • Cherry Strawberry Raspberry Ice: A flavor explosion with cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and a touch of ice.
    • Frozen Strawberry: Capture the essence of summer with this icy cold strawberry sensation.
    • Grape Lemon: A perfect balance of sweet grapes and tart lemon for a truly refreshing vape.
    • Juicy Peach Ice: Bite into a juicy peach with a hint of ice for a delightful vaping experience.
    • Meta Moon: Blast off to a world of mystery with this enigmatic flavor.
    • Miami Mint: Take a virtual trip to Miami with this tropical blend of fruits and cool mint.
    • Sour Berry: A burst of tart and tangy berries for a taste bud adventure.
    • Strawberry Mango: A tropical paradise awaits with this sweet and juicy combination.
    • Strawberry Raspberry Watermelon Gummy: Relive your childhood memories with this fruity gummy bear explosion.
    • Watermelon Pear Dragon Fruit: A refreshing and exotic mix of watermelon, pear, and dragon fruit.
    • White Gummy Bears: The classic sweet and chewy gummy bear flavor, now in a delicious vape.

With a combination of cutting-edge technology and a flavor explosion of new options, the TaijiZen Judo 24000 by iJoy is the perfect companion for any vaper. Visit DisposableVapez today and unlock a world of vaping possibilities!