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Clock Bar 15K Disposable

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Introducing the Clock Bar 15K Disposable: Your Long-Lasting Flavor Companion! Craving a delicious and convenient vape experience that lasts? Look no further tha…
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Clock Bar 15K Disposable

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Clock Bar 15K Disposable


Introducing the Clock Bar 15K Disposable: Your Long-Lasting Flavor Companion!

Craving a delicious and convenient vape experience that lasts? Look no further than the Clock Bar 15K Disposable! This innovative device packs a punch of flavor and features, making it the perfect choice for both experienced vapers and curious newcomers.

Here's why you'll love the Clock Bar 15K:

  • Unmatched longevity: Enjoy up to 15,000 puffs per device, letting you savor your favorite flavor for weeks on end.
  • Dual mode flexibility: Choose Pulse Mode for an intense 7,500 puffs or Regular Mode for the full 15,000 puffs, tailoring your experience to your preference.
  • Smooth and satisfying: The 5% nicotine salt delivers a smooth throat hit and quick satisfaction, ideal for various levels of vaping experience.
  • Flavor explosion: Experience rich and balanced flavors thanks to the advanced dual-mesh coil technology.
  • Light up your night: The glow-in-the-dark design adds a touch of fun and makes your vape easy to find, even in low light.
  • Stay informed: The convenient digital display shows your puff count and battery life, keeping you in control.
  • Charge and go: The rechargeable 650mAh battery and Type-C charging port ensure you're never caught without a puff.
  • Safety first: The child lock provides peace of mind, especially around curious little ones.
  • Variety is key: Choose from 7 delicious flavors to suit your taste buds, from fruity sensations to cool mint.

The Clock Bar 15K Disposable is more than just a vape; it's an experience. It's about convenience, long-lasting flavor, and a touch of personality. So, ditch the recharging and refilling hassle and embrace the freedom of the Clock Bar 15K!

Clock Bar 15K Disposable FAQ's: 

Q: What is the difference between Pulse Puffs and Regular Puffs?

Pulse Puffs refer to the maximum number of inhalations you can take within a session, with a limit of 7500 puffs.

Regular Puffs indicate the total number of puffs the device can provide before it needs to be disposed of, with a capacity of 15000 puffs.

Q: What is the nicotine concentration in the Clock Bar 15K Disposable?

The nicotine salt concentration is 5%, which is equivalent to 50mg/ml.

Q: What type of coil does it use?

The Clock Bar 15K Disposable features a Dual Mesh coil type, providing enhanced vapor production and flavor.

Q: Does it have any special features?

Yes, it has several unique features including glow in the dark capability, a digital display for easy monitoring of usage, and a Type-C charging port for fast and convenient charging.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the Clock Bar 15K Disposable?

The device is equipped with a rechargeable 650mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting usage between charges.

Q: How much e-liquid does it hold?

The Clock Bar 15K Disposable has an impressive e-liquid capacity of 18ML, reducing the frequency of refills.

E-liquids, pods, disposable kits and tobacco sticks are sold in sealed packs and not covered by a warranty. The only exception to this rule is when there is a manufacturing fault with an item.

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