EBDesign Lowit 5500

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Introducing the EBDesign Lowit 5500 Disposable Vape - Elevate Your Vaping Experience! Unleash the power of innovation with the EBDesign Lowit 5500, a groundbrea…
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EBDesign Lowit 5500

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EBDesign Lowit 5500


Introducing the EBDesign Lowit 5500 Disposable Vape - Elevate Your Vaping Experience!

Unleash the power of innovation with the EBDesign Lowit 5500, a groundbreaking disposable vape designed to redefine your vaping journey. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience with impressive features tailored for both convenience and satisfaction.

EBDesign Lowit 5500 Key Specifications:

  • Puff Size: 5500 - Embark on an extended vaping adventure with a generous puff count of 5500, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable experience.

  • Dimensions: 66x40x20mm - Compact and sleek, the EBDesign Lowit 5500 is designed for portability without compromising on style.

  • E-liquid: 14ml - Indulge in a substantial 14ml reservoir of premium e-liquid, providing a rich and flavorful vaping experience that lasts.

  • Salt Nicotine: 5% or 50mg - Experience a satisfying nicotine hit with a potent 5% salt nicotine concentration (50mg), catering to enthusiasts seeking a robust vaping experience.

  • Charging Port: Type C - Embrace modern convenience with a Type C charging port, ensuring swift and efficient recharging for uninterrupted vaping pleasure.

  • Battery: 500mA - Powering your vaping journey is a robust 500mA battery, delivering reliable performance and enduring power throughout your day.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with the EBDesign Lowit 5500. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, this disposable vape promises sophistication, performance, and convenience in every puff. Elevate your vaping experience and order the EBDesign Lowit 5500 today!

EBDesign Lowit 5500 Disposable - Irresistible Flavor Selection:

EBDesign Lowit 5500 Blueberry Ice: Sweet and juicy blueberries with a refreshing icy twist, delivering a burst of fruity coolness.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Blue Razz Ice: A delightful mix of blue raspberry and a chilly menthol kick, creating a tangy and cooling vape.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Cherry Grape Lemonade: A harmonious blend of ripe cherries, succulent grapes, and zesty lemonade, perfect for a refreshing experience.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Energy: Get energized with this invigorating flavor, offering a fusion of bold and electrifying elements.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Grape: Dive into the rich and succulent taste of plump grapes, delivering a luscious grape indulgence.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Juicy Peach: Experience the essence of juicy peaches, with their natural sweetness creating a delightful vaping sensation.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: Tropical paradise in a vape, combining the exotic flavors of kiwi, passion fruit, and guava.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Mango Passion Fruit: A tropical delight, featuring the vibrant combination of juicy mango and passion fruit.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Mint: The classic mint flavor, providing a cool and refreshing vape, perfect for a soothing experience.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Mixed Berries: A delectable blend of assorted berries, offering a symphony of fruity goodness.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Strawberry Ice: Succulent strawberries combined with a chilling ice sensation, delivering a delightful fruity chill.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Strawberry Yogurt: Creamy and tangy yogurt paired with sweet strawberries, resulting in a luscious and smooth vape.
EBDesign Lowit 5500 Watermelon Ice: The juiciness of watermelon complemented by a refreshing ice undertone, creating a thirst-quenching vape.

Discover the captivating flavors of EBDesign Lowit 5500 Disposable, where an exciting fusion of fruits and icy goodness awaits. Embrace the variety and indulge in your favorite flavors for an unmatched vaping adventure.

E-liquids, pods, disposable kits and tobacco sticks are sold in sealed packs and not covered by a warranty. The only exception to this rule is when there is a manufacturing fault with an item.

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