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The EBLUE 6% disposable vape offers a 13mL tank with 6% nicotine, providing up to 5,000 puffs. Utilizing unique flavorings and high-quality components, this tre…
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The EBLUE 6% disposable vape offers a 13mL tank with 6% nicotine, providing up to 5,000 puffs. Utilizing unique flavorings and high-quality components, this trend-setting device is a top-selling vape for 2023.


Banana razz Ice : Banana Razz Ice is the perfect treat for any occasion. Smooth and refreshing, this ice has traces of real bananas for a natural flavor and color. Snack on a few cubes before bedtime or replace your water with it at work to stay hydrated.

Blue razz Ice : This blue razz ice is made in the USA, and contains a blend of high quality ingredients. It has a sweet vanilla ice cream taste with a hint of caramel and blue raspberry, that lets you enjoy your favorite flavors all day long!

Cranberry Lemon razz Ice : This delicious Cranberry Lemon razz Ice combines the tangy taste of cranberries with the refreshing flavor of lemon. This powerful flavor combination will satisfy your sweet tooth while energizing you.

Guava razz Ice : Guava Razz Ice is an icy, pink and delicious bubblegum flavored e-liquid with a sweet guava flavor. It's the perfect fruit flavor for a refreshing vape with a joyride of bubbles.

Gummy Bear razz Ice : The EBLUE 6% DISPOSABLE (13ml) 5K Puffs is a fast dissolving e-juice with a sweet and fruity flavor that tastes like gummy bears in ice. This delicious juice will delight your taste buds, giving you a throat hit unlike any other. With all the zest of real fruit and none of the calories, this product packs a powerful punch!

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava razz Ice : Our Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava razz Ice features an authentic, refreshing taste with a fruity aftertaste. It's a great way to beat the heat and cool down on hot days!

Mint razz Ice : Mint razz ice is a mood elevating, yet relaxing and refreshing menthol icy-mint blend that has the ability to thaw out even your most frozen of smiles. Stick with it for an effective "freezing" effect for up to three hours.

Peach Mango razz Ice : Start your day with this Peach Mango razz Ice, featuring an energizing blend of fruits that are sweet and juicy. This unique flavor is a refreshing treat that will keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Pineapple razz Ice : This ice will literally leave you craving more. The sweet, juicy pineapple flavor is balanced with a light mint and cool menthol kick to create a creamy blend that is sure to satisfy your craving for icy goodness.

Pink Lemonade razz Ice : Keep your coworkers, family and friends happy with this e-Juice. The best flavors in sight. Pink Lemonade razz ice vape juice by EBLUE has a taste that is so good it will make you drool. It's so delicious that it would be great for sharing with friends at work or parties

Pomegranate Berry razz Ice : EBLUE Pomegranate Berry razz Ice is an incredible pomegranate berry flavor with a crystallized sugar-type texture. It is designed to provide a sweet and juicy experience in your mouth, while delivering the ultimate taste of real fruit.

Strawberry Grape razz Ice : Strawberry Grape razz Ice is a refreshing blend of real fruit juice and sparkling water, combined with a light flavor of raspberry. This ice cream is a perfect addition to your dessert table or snack bar. The light, low calorie and high in vitamins A and C makes it perfect as an after school treat or as an ice cream sandwich ingredient!

Strawberry Watermelon razz Ice : Strawberry Watermelon razz Ice is a delicious, refreshing vape juice that's perfect for every day or any special occasion. Made with premium ingredients this e-liquid has a sweet strawberry watermelon flavor. You will be proud to gift this juice to someone who loves fruity flavors!

Watermelon razz Ice : EBLUE 6% DISPOSABLE (13ML) 5K PUFFS Watermelon Razz Ice. EBLUE is a 6% water-based liquid dispersion, which has a long-lasting sweet taste and fast dissolving properties. It is suitable for use in fruit drinks, candies mixes and ice cream flavorings to produce the unique flavor of fruits.

Mango razz Ice : Mango Razz Ice is a premium blend of mango and pineapple with an exotic fruit punch flavor. Peppery and sweet, this ice cream is a great match for fresh fruit or other dairy-free desserts.

Strawberry razz Ice : Strawberry razz ice is a blend of cotton candy, malted milk and strawberry puree. The amazing taste of fresh strawberries makes this flavor a must try! Our EBLUE 6% DISPOSABLE (13ML) 5K PUFFS is an excellent choice for any food service event or party.

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