iJoy Captain 10000

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iJoy Captain 10000 Introducing the iJoy Captain 10000 – a vaping masterpiece designed to take your vaping experience to new heights. Crafted for those who deman…
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iJoy Captain 10000

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iJoy Captain 10000


iJoy Captain 10000

Introducing the iJoy Captain 10000 – a vaping masterpiece designed to take your vaping experience to new heights. Crafted for those who demand excellence, this remarkable device seamlessly blends cutting-edge features with unparalleled performance. Boasting an astonishing 10,000 puff capacity, a robust 650mAh battery, and a plethora of customizable options, the Captain 10000 sets a revolutionary standard for vaping. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a vaping novice, the Captain 10000 guarantees a vaping experience like no other. Elevate your vaping journey and explore the future of vaping with iJoy.

iJoy Captain 10000 Features:

  • Impressive Puff Capacity: With an astounding 10,000 puffs, the Captain 10000 ensures you enjoy extended vaping sessions without the need for constant refills.
  • Optimal Nicotine Delivery: Infused with 5% Nicotine Salt, this device guarantees a smooth and satisfying hit, perfect for those seeking a more potent vaping experience.
  • Enhanced Flavor and Vapor Production: Equipped with a 0.8 Sub-Ohm Mesh Coil, the Captain 10000 promises rich, intense flavors and voluminous clouds, creating an immersive vaping sensation.
  • Generous E-Liquid Reservoir: Featuring an 18ml E-Liquid Capacity, this device minimizes the need for frequent refilling, allowing you to focus on enjoying your vaping experience to the fullest.
  • Robust Battery Performance: Powered by a 650mAh Battery, the Captain 10000 ensures lasting power, enabling you to vape for extended periods without worrying about frequent recharging.
  • Versatile S/D Mode: Seamlessly switch between Standard (S) and Stealth (D) modes, tailoring your vaping experience to suit your preferences and environment.
  • Customizable Airflow: Enjoy complete control over your vaping experience with the Adjustable Airflow feature, allowing you to fine-tune the draw resistance to your liking.
  • Intuitive Display Screen: The large, all-on display screen provides clear and easy-to-read information about your device's settings, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced vapers.
  • Efficient Charging Capability: The Type-C Charging Port ensures swift and efficient recharging, minimizing downtime and keeping you in the action.

Elevate your vaping journey with the iJoy Captain 10000, a device designed to deliver outstanding performance, enhanced convenience, and an unforgettable vaping experience. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the world of e-cigarettes, the Captain 10000 is poised to become your go-to choice for a satisfying, reliable vape. Order yours today and experience vaping at its finest!


  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Apple Plum Pomegranate: A harmonious blend of crisp apple, succulent plum, and tangy pomegranate.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Banana Pinacolada: Creamy banana meets the tropical allure of piña colada, creating a smooth, exotic flavor.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Blue Berries: A delightful fusion of juicy blueberries, bursting with natural sweetness.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Blue Raspberry Ice: A refreshing twist of blue raspberry with a cool menthol kick.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Blueberry Watermelon: Sweet blueberries intertwine with juicy watermelon for a refreshing vape.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Cherry Strawberry Kiwi: A symphony of cherry, strawberry, and kiwi, creating a vibrant and fruity symphony.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Clear: Pure, unadulterated flavor for those who prefer a clean, straightforward vaping experience.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Cool Mint: An invigorating blast of minty freshness, perfect for a revitalizing vape.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Cranberry Grape: Tart cranberries meet the rich, bold flavor of grapes for a balanced, tangy vape.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Frozen Apple Pear: A chilly blend of crisp apples and succulent pears, kissed by a refreshing breeze.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Kiwi Berry: A zesty fusion of tropical kiwi and succulent mixed berries.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Mango Melon Strawberry: A tropical trifecta of mango, luscious melon, and sweet strawberries.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Mango Peach Ice: The tropical goodness of mango and peach, with a refreshing icy twist.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Peach Gummy: Experience the sweet, chewy goodness of peach gummies in every vape.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Raspberry Brazil Berry: Ripe raspberries mingle with exotic Brazilian berries for a unique, fruity flavor.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Strawberry Cotton Candy: The timeless taste of cotton candy blended with ripe, juicy strawberries.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Strawberry Dragon Fruit: A luscious pairing of ripe strawberries and exotic dragon fruit.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Strawberry Watermelon: The classic combination of sweet strawberries and juicy watermelon.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Tropical Fruit: An explosion of tropical fruits, delivering a bold, exotic flavor profile.
  • iJoy Captain 10000 - Watermelon Bubblegum: Juicy watermelon meets classic bubblegum for a sweet, nostalgic treat.

Choose your flavor, elevate your vaping experience, and savor the extraordinary taste sensations crafted exclusively for the iJoy Captain 10000.

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