Loaded E-Liquid By Ruthless 120ML

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Loaded E-Liquid By Ruthless 120ML Loaded E-Liquid by Ruthless presents a premium e-juice lineup meticulously crafted by culinary-trained flavorists and mixologi…
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Loaded E-Liquid By Ruthless 120ML

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Loaded E-Liquid By Ruthless 120ML


Loaded E-Liquid By Ruthless 120ML

Loaded E-Liquid by Ruthless presents a premium e-juice lineup meticulously crafted by culinary-trained flavorists and mixologists. Pioneering the vaping industry transformation since 2011, Ruthless Vapor, based in Southern California, has earned its global vapers' allegiance. Loaded E-Liquid captures the essence of unique flavor blends, expertly combining top-tier ingredients in each bottle of Ruthless E-Juice.

The complexity of Loaded E-Liquid unfolds in each vape, fusing ripe mangoes, zesty oranges, succulent pineapple, and tangy lime, resulting in an irresistibly potent vape experience. This collection is a flavor masterpiece, pleasing palates and leaving an enduring satisfaction.


Premium e-juice crafted by culinary-trained flavorists and mixologists.
A complex fusion of fresh mangoes, zesty oranges, sweet pineapple, and tangy lime.
Crafted using high-quality vape juice components, adhering to stringent quality standards.
TPD compliant and approved, distributed in over 80 countries worldwide.
Ruthless Vapor, a Southern California e-juice manufacturer, revolutionizing the vaping industry since 2011.
Loaded E-Liquid by Ruthless stands as a fervent advocate, championing consumer rights while continually innovating intricate flavors, a resounding echo of the Ruthless Vapor name.


Delight in fluffy clouds of pink candy floss reminiscent of fair delights. This berry-infused cotton candy Loaded eliquid achieves an unprecedented level of fluffiness.

Apple Fritter
Warm and inviting. Caramelized apple bites crowned with freshly ground cinnamon, enveloped in crispy breading and homemade dough, offering a hearty delight.

Chocolate Glazed
Irresistibly rich and creamy chocolate glaze enveloping a freshly baked fluffy donut, embodying the ultimate indulgence.

Cookie Butter
Inspired by delectable Belgian cookies, this Loaded e-liquid concoction captures their crisp essence, blended into a creamy spread, a treat for cookie e-juice enthusiasts.

Cran Apple
Loaded E-Liquid's Cran Apple melds rich cranberries and juicy apple, resulting in a smooth and delectable blend, an instant fan favorite.

Cran Apple ICED
Loaded Cran Apple Iced E-Juice marries rich cranberries and apple, now elevated with a refreshing icy touch, showcasing an exquisite balance.

Glazed Donut
Savor the warmth of a freshly baked doughnut straight from the oven, glazed to perfection, the quintessential dessert.

Lemon Bar
Experience the zesty tang of lemon infused with sweet powdered sugar, all within a freshly baked pie crust.

Melon Milkshake
Velvety milkshake infused with the essence of fresh melons and a hint of honey, resulting in a satisfyingly smooth finish.

Raspberry Eclair
A harmonious blend of sweet raspberry nestled in a scrumptious pastry, Raspberry Eclair is a symphony of flavors.

Roasted marshmallows and melted chocolate atop a honey graham cracker, the campfire classic reimagined in Smores 120ml by Loaded E-Liquid.

Strawberry Jelly Donut
Relive the bliss of sugary puffy donuts filled with gooey strawberry delight, an irresistible treat from Loaded E-Juices.

Cinnamon Pretzel
Indulge in a warm pretzel bathed in a cascade of cinnamon sugar icing, a delectable fusion of sweet and savory.

Strawberry Dipped
Experience the sublime union of a freshly baked soft pretzel immersed in a luscious strawberry cream.

Loaded E-Liquid by Ruthless is a symphony of taste, meticulously created to elevate your vaping journey.

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