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Introducing the MOVEMENT LV18000: Your Gateway to a Powerful and Customizable Vaping Experience If you're looking for a vape pen that delivers on both power and…
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Introducing the MOVEMENT LV18000: Your Gateway to a Powerful and Customizable Vaping Experience

If you're looking for a vape pen that delivers on both power and flavor, the MOVEMENT LV18000 is the perfect choice for you. This adjustable vape pen is packed with features that make it ideal for vapers of all experience levels.

Adjustable Power for Every Preference

The MOVEMENT LV18000 features three adjustable power modes: Regular, Boost, and Turbo. This means you can customize your vaping experience to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you're a beginner looking for a smooth and flavorful vape or an experienced vaper who prefers a more intense hit, the LV18000 has you covered.

Convenient In-Screen Touch Button and Smart LED Display

The LV18000 also features an in-screen touch button and a smart LED display. The touch button makes it easy to adjust the power mode and other settings, while the LED display keeps you informed about the battery level and other important information.

Dual-Mesh Tech Coil for Superior Flavor and Vapor Production

The LV18000's dual-mesh tech coil is designed to produce superior flavor and vapor production. This coil is made of high-quality materials that heat evenly and efficiently, so you can enjoy delicious and satisfying clouds of vapor with every puff.

18ML E-Liquid Capacity and 800mAh Built-In Battery

The LV18000 has a large 18ml e-liquid capacity, so you can vape for longer without having to refill. It also has a powerful 800mAh built-in battery that provides long-lasting vaping enjoyment.

Airflow Control and Type-C Charging Port

The LV18000 also features adjustable airflow control, so you can customize the amount of air that enters the device. This allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. And, the Type-C charging port makes it easy to charge your vape pen quickly and conveniently.

MOVEMENT LV18000 Flavors:

Tropical Oasis:

  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Bahama Mama: A creamy blend of rum, coconut, pineapple, and orange for a beachside vacation in every puff.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Frozen Raspberry Lemonade: Tart raspberries swirl with sweet lemonade for a tangy, refreshing escape.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Miami Mint: Cool, crisp mint combines with tropical hints of lime and coconut for a taste of South Beach sunshine.

Fruity Delights:

  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Blue Slurpee: Relive your childhood with this icy blast of blue raspberry sweetness.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Blue Razz Ice: Tangy blue raspberry gets a cool kick with menthol for a refreshing burst.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Cherry Lemon: A vibrant dance of sweet cherries and zesty lemon that's both familiar and surprising.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Pink Buster: A fun blend of bubblegum and strawberries for a playful, sugary treat.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Sour Apple Ice: Tangy green apple gets a frosty edge with menthol for a puckeringly good time.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Strawberry Ice Cream: Creamy strawberry goodness with a touch of vanilla, evoking memories of hot summer days.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Strawberry Kiwi: Sweet strawberries mingle with juicy kiwi for a tropical fruit explosion.

Candy Treats:

  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Gummy Bear: A burst of sweet, chewy gummy bear flavors in every puff, just like the classic candy.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon gets a refreshing chill with menthol for a summery treat.

Minty Fresh:

  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Black Dragon Ice: Cool menthol mingles with a hint of dark fruit for a mysterious, refreshing experience.
  • MOVEMENT LV18000 - Cool Mint: Classic, crisp mint delivers a clean, invigorating puff for the ultimate taste bud refresher.

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