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Sili X Ripe Disposable

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Sili X Ripe Disposable 16ml Capacity600mAh BatteryUp to 6000 Puffs5% Nicotine StrengthRechargeable Disposable Device featuring Mesh Coil and Turbo Hit Sili X Ri…
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Sili X Ripe Disposable

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Sili X Ripe Disposable


Sili X Ripe Disposable

16ml Capacity
600mAh Battery
Up to 6000 Puffs
5% Nicotine Strength
Rechargeable Disposable Device featuring Mesh Coil and Turbo Hit

Sili X Ripe Disposable Available Flavors:

Sili X Ripe Disposable Banana Berry Smoothie: Immerse yourself in the lush fusion of ripe bananas and mixed berries, crafting a creamy and fruity smoothie symphony. This blend achieves the perfect equilibrium between sweet and tangy notes, ushering in a vaping experience that's both velvety and invigorating.

Sili X Ripe Disposable Berry Strawberry: Embark on a journey through ripe strawberries' sweetness intertwined with the succulent juiciness of mixed berries. An eruption of fruity flavors unfolds, crowned by the prominence of strawberries, bestowing a gratifying and succulent vaping sensation.

Sili X Ripe Disposable Kiwi Dragon Berry: Witness the enchanting convergence of tropical kiwi's sweetness, the exotic allure of dragon fruit, and the innate goodness of mixed berries. A slightly tangy and incredibly refreshing vaping adventure unfolds, harmonizing an ensemble of delightful fruit notes.

Sili X Ripe Disposable Melon Burst: Capture the essence of ripe, succulent melons in this flavor symphony. As you indulge, experience the harmonious duet of refreshing melon nuances entwined with their natural sweetness, creating an explosive burst of fruity delight with every inhalation.

Sili X Ripe Disposable Paradise Punch: Embark on a virtual tropical paradise with this flavor explosion, a delightful union of various tropical fruits. Pineapple, citrus, and an array of other tropical delights come together, painting a mosaic of flavors that offers refreshment akin to a tropical breeze.

Sili X Ripe Disposable Vanilla Crème: Dive into the world of smooth and creamy delight with Vanilla Crème, capturing the timeless essence of vanilla. Indulge in a velvety vaping symphony accentuated by a hint of sweetness, creating a sense of comfort and luxurious satisfaction.

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